Before Sir Clinton



Seriously, God is so good to me. He has blessed me over and over again through the treasure of friends. I believe it is through my lack of understanding of social appropriateness in my Aspergers wiring that he delivers sweet "kisses of love" to me through special friends. He lets me know that He alone provides my every need. I was thinking today about how many in the world self-medicate for emotional and physical disabilities. My self-medicating comes through the Great Physician. In Him, I trust. He heals. He provides. He loves. He mends. He is my all-in-all.
I have a friend who is a classmate (PHS Class of 1973). I knew of her in school, but we weren't friends then. It has been in the last few years that God has brought her into my life with deepness. Belinda is one who always thinks of others. She and Steve own a B & B in Wimberley, Texas, and I assure you, they will welcome you and be your friends. I have enjoyed BellaVida B and B, and it is worthy of your stay. This said Belinda serves. She is the hands and feet of Christ's example. I learn from her continuously. God is good!
Another friend, Hope, visits the B & B several times a year, and often, Belinda sends a package to me through her. Thank you, Hope! Today, Hope showed up at our door with a promised package. I had forgotten but remembered when I opened the box. Inside were pieces of a dish pattern from Sears (where my dad worked for nearly forty years). 
Cattail (Camwood)
Circa: 1930 - 1956
Sold at Sear's Roebuck & Co.
I'm not sure how they will be displayed in the end, but right now, they are viewed where I see them every day, many times, to remind me of how truly blessed I am...for my family and my family of friends. #iknowwhoseiam