Art Wall 11.19

Flying Trip


I left early Sunday morning to fly to see our DFW grand sisters. Miss A had a dance clinic on Sunday and a Veteran's Day program this morning that I wanted to see. Miss D and I played at the park near their home for a while after I was picked up at the airport. She loves to video.




Then we went to a hotel and watched Miss A learn new dances from instructors from far away. Her schedule.



A few of the girls ... including Miss A and Miss D, who was not dancing this weekend, but she can be social!



Then, this morning was Veteran's Day. The choir led the program. All the students were in the gym. Miss D wants to try out for the choir when she is old enough. Here she sits with her class (and not excited for me to take her picture).



The choir comes to the stage, and I spy that smile!


Miss A had a speaking role. Yay!!!




I loved seeing this!!!



Not my thing, but worth it because she let me!!!


I loved seeing these two girls. So worth the worst weather flight ever today coming home!!!