She Will Rise

Some Thoughts


Some thoughts from today...


God's heart for humanity superseded religiosity.

Every time Jesus shows up there is Hope, and He shows up every time!

Competition and comparison will kill any plan Jesus has for us!!!

I am excited for God to use me in my affliction. Use it for your glory, God.

Jesus heals when Jesus heals.


Go to church

Read your Bible

Have community

All are resources...

God IS the source!!!


Your presence, Lord, is my reason for thanks.

Prayer requests. God knows them already. Take time to praise him for answering.

What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul. Jewish Proverb

Jude will hug you when you cry.




This photo allows me a visual reminder of the many things going on in my life that must pass through me and beam God's light outward. The dim light is where I am broken and waiting to be renewed in spirit. Even then, the light is there to share, albeit harder to release, God remains faithful. Glad he is my elevator man and the music for my soul!



(Conrad Lofts  elevator, Plainview, Texas.)