Cranny's Kitchen

Living Happy


Recently a comment was made that implied that I live a boring life. I will admit that I like simplicity, quiet, and solitude. I need to recharge often. Because of my Asperger's wiring, I have learned that the balance of mind and body through the Spirit is how I am available to sing my ministry song.

I might very well live a boring life but I live a joy-filled life where I find peace and rest. I am living happy days.

When I was in school, College Hill, we performed the play, Snow White. I was Sleepy. The "moods of man" are symbolized through Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy and Sleepy. 

True to his name, Sleepy is always weary, droopy-eyed, and is always eager to fall asleep. Most of the scenes featuring Sleepy showcases the drowsy dwarf struggling to keep awake in the midst of a colorful event taking place.

Though usually stricken with laziness, he is a hard worker, but also a bit of a bumbler, as he often finds himself falling into accidental physical harm due to his lack of quick motion, such as whacking a deer's hide trying to catch a fly, or smacking himself with a cymbal doing the same.

However, in spite of spending most of his time nearly falling asleep, Sleepy is apparently the most observant and logical of the seven dwarfs, whether he knows it or not. He was the only dwarf to make the assumption that the Evil Queen may be attacking Snow White at the cottage when the forest animals frantically interrupted the dwarfs' mine work.

I remember my mother making my costume and I remember playing the role well. I yawned a lot and had no words to say. I may be like Sleepy, yawning now, but I am observant, logical, maybe a bit bumbler, a hard-worker to the point of often living in this sleep-deprived state; still, I am living happy days.


I am not of this world but I'm still gonna bloom!!!