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Cranny's Kitchen


We spent lots of time in my Cranny's kitchen. Lucy May & Hugh Etter lived at 1006 Nassau Street in a tiny two-bedroom one-bath house. There was a small living room, a closet-sized kitchen, and an even smaller added on dining area.

It's where we ate all of our meals in this kitchen-dining area. It's where my grandfather had his pre-bed bowl of cereal. It's where I would sit on the stool with the fold-up steps with my plate on a shelves room-divider. It's where I learned to make gravy, fear the pressure cooker and discovered that my grandmother Cranny made the best tossed salad. It's where there was always an iced spice cake under the domed lid of the once working electric skillet. It's where I would sit in a chair by the tiny open flame wall heater and stand on the stool to reach the back corner of the tiny pantry closet filled with 20 cans of whatever was on sale that month only to find out that they were all already out of date. It's where the chest freezer sat with ice cream to enjoy. It's where I knocked one of her fancy ceramic roosters off of that shelf. It's where we cracked pecans as a group to stay out of trouble. I have lots of sweet memories made in this kitchen-dining room.


L to R: Janis Alexander, John Dayton, me, Bill McCarver.