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Blue Book


Sometimes we can't remember where we put something. Sometimes we put things to be found later only to not remember where we placed them. When we lose something at any age, it is frustrating. We always go back to where we last can visualize having the item and then progress from there to begin checking.

That's what I did yesterday with a blue book. The blue book is a 1928 copy of Daily Strength for Daily Needs that I picked up at Broadway Gifts & Antiques during the 2nd Saturday event in downtown Plainview on Saturday.




I had it, and then I did not. I was sad because I knew that there was much good to learn from the words in the book. It is a daily devotional book by Mary Wilder Tileston. An author, she was born on August 20, 1843, in Salem, Massachusetts.

This morning, as I headed into worship, I heard the blue book was located, and now, I get to enjoy it!


October the Thirteenth

We desire that every one of you do show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the end. HEB vi. 11


The Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil. 2 THESS. iii. 3


Long though my task may be,

Cometh the end.

God 'tis that helpeth me,

His is the work, and He

    New strength will lend.


Set yourself steadfastly to those duties which have the least attractive exterior; it matters not whether God's holy will be fulfilled in great or small matters. Be patient with yourself and your own failings; never be in a hurry, and do not yield to longings after that which is impossible to you. My dear sister, go on steadily and quietly; if our dear Lord means you to run, he will strengthen your heart.   ST. FRANCIS DE SALES


Always begin by doing that which cost me most, unless the easier duty is a pressing one. Examine, classify, and determine at night the work of the morrow; arrange things in the order of their importance, and act accordingly. Dread, above all things, bitterness and irritation. Never say, or indirectly recall anything to my advantage.   MADAME SWETCHINE


Just what I needed to read today. So blessed!