A Favorite

12-8 = 4


12-8 = 4 Yup, I know my basic math! Today I was outside and decided that Plainview, Texas, is where I want to live in Heaven because we have had eight months of 12, thus far with mostly lovely days. I am always excited to get into the flower beds and create flowering pots for our home. I start as early as a nursery lets me in the doors. Beginning in March, it is my happy place, and I enjoy God's nature gifts. We could have used a little more rain this season, but the weather has been just beautiful.

I don't know when the weather will change. Fall is here, and the weather has been amazing! You can see the change coming in the flowers and tree leaves, but nature is taking its time. Still enjoying outside!!!




Might end up being more like 12-9 = 3 We will wait and see.