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So, I'm confused. I'm taking extra Vitamin D3, but this one thing has me stumped. What is the REAL son and daughter day?

Happy Daughter's Day falls on September 28, 2019, or the 4th Saturday of September. National Daughter's Day is September 25, but some celebrate it on the Fourth Sunday in September, which this year would be the 29th. In some countries, it is celebrated on October 1, and World Daughters Day is September 28. In addition, there is a National Sons and Daughters Day celebrated August 11. And then, Daughter's Day is/was Sunday, September 22, 2019.

Son's Day is celebrated on Saturday, September 28th. Or maybe you prefer the National Son's Day which is celebrated on Sunday, September 29th. 

According to the data on the WWW, it begins its detection of the many days of celebrating sons and daughters on August 11th.

I guess you can understand why you missed the day or are confused!

Sons and Daughters Day is celebrated every August 11th. I'm going to go with this one date to relieve some stress. I celebrate the gift of our children all year long. It's Jesus, spouse/kids, others and self as far as my thankfulness calendar goes. Any given day, I am thankfully blessed!


Celebrating or sons and daughters through these special girls!!!