I Hope You're One

Theta Friends


Today we started our Theta Delphin Study Club year. I love these ladies. Some of us have been together through Theta for over thirty years. Some twenty years, ten and some just a few, but each one is the perfect petal to our Theta flower!

Janice Abercrombie, Gerald Dean Holt, Lisa Horne, Carol Kaufman, Claudia Lara, Trina Lewis, Deb Melcher, Cindy Olson, Sunny Parker, Debra Reed, Amy Reid, Anna Rigler, Karen Rogers, Diana Sisemore, Phyllis Wall, Freada Warren, and Lori Wells.





We have a monthly lunch and program at the President's House Bed & Breakfast. We are growing older together. If you could hear the conversations going on. Everyone looks so serious, but I promise, the laughter is contagious!!!