28 Years



I have never been to jail. I've photographed a jail but never broken the law with the severity to land me there, until tonight. I posted this picture on Facebook to a friend's page. It is from the PHS 1955 annual.




My computer screen was instantly filled with a Facebook warning that my post violated their sexual and nudity policy. It went on to say that no one could see the picture. I was not allowed to comment on Facebook for 24 hours. Oops, I forgot and tried to post. BOOM! Now up to 48 hours in Facebook jail. I did ask them to review their decision. I'm pretty confident I won't get a response and if I do it will be after the 48 hours.

I feel like a kid again, getting my hands slapped for no good reason. My life story, I suppose, getting the blame and taking it even when I am not deserving of it.

It is not the end of the world for me. It will be impossible to share my blogs, share scriptures, and do the Plainview Downtown Association social media marketing, but I will fill my hours with goodness and kindness as I am thankful for my saved soul and the many blessings I realize fully and those to be revealed!