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I am all about reading. I did not read at all growing up. I have shared the story of my freshman English teacher who taught me to love reading. It began a lifelong love of sharing the importance of reading...for enjoyment.

At one time, I had a collection of several hundred books. They have been gifted to grands, and many are now found in Clay's Corner at Covenant Health Plainview for children to enjoy who visit the surgical waiting room. 

I have my grandfather and his brother Burt's books. I'm not a keeper of books as in being a book hoarder, but I do have several that are sentimental and some that were life-changing that I hang on to.

Many years ago, I began collecting pop-up books. I do still have what I collected then. I don't collect them now. I do enjoy looking through them and am always amazed that someone really did create a book that moves!




These books are located in Ushka Hollow. The bookcase is from my friend, Ricky Davis. As I sit and look through these beautiful books, I sit on our Turkish rug, a gift from my sweet friend Fusun and stay cool with my silk scarves quilt made by my faith-filled friend, Susan.