Gettysburg Address
Bo Sunday

New Art


I enjoy art pieces, unusually eclectic pieces. I enjoy art created by those I am blessed to know. For this reason, we appreciate art in our home. I found a few pieces this week.

This piece is a 1960s "op" art piece. It is such a great find!!!



I absolutely love the expression represented on the face of Jesus in this print, "The Hope of the World." He's like, "You don't say!" Just a precious find.


A sweet little John Lennen (Yoko Ono) mini china bowl.


Then, I was visiting one of our fantastic antique stores, 725 Vintage Co. located in Downtown Plainview ( there are over ten locations downtown to get great collectibles), and I came across this lovely painting in a fantastic hand made frame. The art piece on the left is a commissioned piece created by Dr. Kyle Miller. The one in the middle bottom hung in my childhood home.


My eyes to see gets to see great beauty every day throughout our home as I think about and pray for our artists.