Gettysburg Address

28 Years


We have lived in our home for 28 years. I was blessed to be able to design our home and have local architect, James Robison, draw it up structurally sound. Jerry Wofford built the house. We have been more than pleased with the longevity of everything. Of course, things last longer when you take care of the little things before they get big. 




I grew up at 313 Irene Street. In our backyard flower bed was a metal arch that my father designed and built for my mom with a statue standing under it. Not long after we moved in our home, my parents brought the arch to us to use as a base for a Honeysuckle vine in the front of our house. 28 years we have enjoyed this rare Honeysuckle intertwined through and over this special metal arch.

My dad has been gone 24 years, and tomorrow will be six years since my mom joined him in the eternal presence of Jesus Christ.

I thank God for my life, the lessons, the love, the precious memories, how they linger!