Green Shoes

I remember this being seventh grade and wearing this green dress with green patent leather shoes and a couple of boys making such fun of the shoes. I probably never wore them again, but they were trending. You can imagine with red hair, glasses, braces, short, and skinny, the teases I got; the snubs, the finger-pointing, but I'm better for it.




Then, I became an adult, and bullying still goes on today for adults in the real world. A few years ago a person called our home and told me they were going to get rid of me, to take me out, the world would be better. It might have been intimidating at the moment but I was and am reminded that my worthiness comes from the One above all others. When I step out in His work, doing what I am called to do, you can't bully me into your way of thinking or acting. I may not understand or follow the world's social cues, but I live a beautiful life, not without pain, suffering, heartache, sin, discouragement or moments of complete insanity, but one full of peace and hope found in a simple belief system, Jesus Christ. Bullying by adults is a passive-aggressive tendency that remains hurtful to others. In my 45 years of volunteering, I can count on one hand the people who I have encountered as adult bullies. He knows them by name and I am called to be kind, not disrespectful, firm in the Foundation on which I stand, but free to tell the Truth.