On Target

This is What You Get!


Sometimes I have so much to say that I can't wrap my mind around how to say it. I then determine it is best if I don't say anything at all. That is where I am today.

Way before I was born, the Bullet Bra or Torpedo bra (later cone bra) was created and patented. Designed in 1939, the Torpedo bra was produced for the first time in the 40s; moving away from a variety of handkerchief type brassieres that women were accustomed to wearing. 

During the war, women's undergarments became more purposeful as a partner with fashion design.  The fashion industry created the "sweater girl,"  and the pin-up girl became famous. War-time advertising appealed to both patriotism and the concept that bras and girdles were somehow ‘protection’ or a new garnered strength.

Last year at the Contemporary Art Museum of Plainview, I found out just how protected one might feel wearing a Torpedo Bra. The Patent Pending show was a fun one.


Phyllis Bra


I probably should have just shared all that was rolling around in my head, but anyway, this is what you get! LOL