Sleepless in Plain View

That's Right


That's right, if you want to know my opinion on something, ask me, don't let anyone else tell you what I believe. I may be prepared to share, and I may not, but my timing on when I rise is mine, led by prayer and wise counsel. I shared with someone today that I'm not a fighter, I pick my battles carefully, I am an action person and go about my days serving where I feel I'm needed, but if I feel strongly about something, I will pick that battle and fight for what I know to be true. This means that I have to know what I'm talking about. I have to be witness to circumstances and be educated in my presentation. I must go in kindness, showing respect for others who may disagree. I like honesty and character to be on my side. I find when God leads me, I am free to move forward on a foundation that provides for shifting sand moments.

I am so blessed that most everyone God has placed in my life is good, really good. We don't always agree, but when we have our faith as our foundation, then we can agree to disagree and still love each other. 

I asked on Facebook today: What is a pot-stirrer? Are they necessary for positive change? The consensus was that there are both positive and negative situations where pot-stirring is involved. One person shared this thought, "One can cause something to become active, or excite us to make positive changes or provoke us to do something good. The other is an alarmist or scaremonger who delights in frightening and deliberately inflaming ideas and attitudes that are detrimental to humans being kind and working with one another."

Then, another friend shared the same thing my mother taught me, "you catch more flies with honey, more with a whisper than a shout."

Another comment is this, "Pudding and gravy have to be stirred, or they get lumpy, not all stirring is bad!" I agree that when we stir, we must understand that what we are mixing will taste useful to the majority once served; that it won't leave a sour taste, that it doesn't ruin relationships, that respect and positive attitudes are the main ingredients.

There were so many good responses that allowed us to stop and think about a phrase, pot-stirrer, and how we can effectively create change with positivity, or how we can stir and stir and the only thing we get is a burned mess.

That's right; just ask me what I think. Or don't, either way, I'm standing firm.