This is What You Get!
Little Tumbler

On Target


On a day when I expected to be able to enjoy a scheduled friend's visit as the highlight of my day, the day suddenly became full of phone calls, deliveries, changes, requests, rudeness, pulls, and tugs.

I don't ask for much from people because my spirit is one that enjoys making the lives of others better. I look for ways to encourage and help. Then, I'm reminded that others don't see life as I do. Some aren't willing to consider what someone might be going through and instead of helping they break a person down; often laughing and drawing others into the web.

Oh, there are times that I miss the mark, but my God continues to give me opportunities to see in others what he does not desire to see in me as his follower. We are all created differently with varied gifts and abilities, but the common thread that we all should have is the love of Jesus Christ, as we weave in and out of the lives of those placed in our day.

One of the most harmful attributes is the ability to ignore others for self. 

I am unable to control what anyone else does or doesn't do. I am only able to follow my path of freedom, to live with joy and allow it to shower others. 

I want to continue to be on target for God.

But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. 1 Timothy 1:5

This evening, as I have weighed the day and the individuals that brought me joy and those whose desire it is to break me, I am overcome with the knowledge that what hit the target were those who were kind. As I finish the day, I know that I made lives easier, I brought a smile and joy; I went beyond what I thought I was able to do. For all these things I have prayed.