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I don't know if this is the hottest summer in history, but it is HOT!

I am not going to Hell. This is my first blessing.

Take this heat, multiply it times all time, and try to exist, much less walk through it. These over 100 degree days are stifling. Blessing number two is for air conditioning and shade trees.

It's so hot out. I'm bacon. Blessing number three is for good, crispy bacon, and other foods like thick bologna with pepper jack cheese and mustard, or an Allsup's burrito.

First Baptist Church has survived this heatwave with grace. We have had no air conditioning in most of the facility for almost a year. The sanctuary is cool as are the offices and a few classrooms...and the FLC building. That big four story building, hot, but not for long. Blessing number four, First Baptist Church.

I heard Satan called, wants his weather back.

No matter how hot it is or how discouraged we get, God wins!!!

Praying for rain.