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We grew up with a floor furnace that heated the entire two bedrooms, one bath, one car garage converted to a utility/sewing room of my childhood home. There was a gas wall heater in the bath. It did provide a toasty bath time. The floor furnace had no ductwork like we have today with central heat/air. It was just a heater in the ground. I bet many of Plainview's older homes still have them in the floor. 


Floor Furnace


You can see it in this picture on the bottom right. I loved to stand over this in the cold months and watch TV or read the paper.

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If you look through the doorway on the left from the kitchen, you can see the corner of the floor furnace.  That is if you can get past this cute shorts-dress, wiglet, textured hose, glasses and the precious pout (to hide the braces) that is shared in so many of my pictures and will show up in pictures still today!

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I was never burned from the floor furnace, but I know many have furnace burn scars. Did you experience a floor furnace growing up?