I have so many embarrassing moments in my life. Because I am awkward socially through my wiring, I always feel embarrassed to start with anyway. Most days, I embarrass myself. It is a good thing that I don't take myself too seriously. Other times others have been involved in creating my embarrassing moment. Like in 5th grade.

Fishnet hose were all the rage, and this was before pantyhose. The girls wore garter belts. Girls today don't even know what pantyhose are!  Wow, I'm dating myself. The teacher was in the room but not in control. It seems she was helping a group of students. Another group was cutting up, and then my arms were suddenly pulled straight up, and they were dragging me over the seat of my chair to the floor. We all looked down, and my garter belt tabs were showing. It seems like there was much laughter.

I remember being embarrassed, but with my personality, I genuinely didn't care. Aspergers has played in my favor over and over again in my life. God is good.

In the case that you don't know what a garter belt looked like, here is a picture. You can still purchase them today. I did not like them then, and I am not interested today. Besides, fishnet hose leaves that pattern on your's itchy! :o)