A Gift



You know that phrase, the struggle is real? Well, that is life, and it is the truth. I struggle, struggle daily. Oh, I am firm in my faith, don't ever question that, but I still struggle with life stuff. I've lived in the wilderness. Others have created situations where I thought I could not breathe. I have sinned against God by doing things I know not to and for not doing things I should. I'm not perfect. I guess you already had me pegged there! I like to live life realizing that struggles are real, and I get excited to see God at work in my life or a friend's. The Bible tells me God wants good for me. Do I trust him?  Even in the very midst of defeat, it is all good when you got God!

More than my personal struggles are those of others that get to me the most. It's like as a mother I would rather be sick than my kids or spouse. I can control my situation and care through prayer. Prayer, what a wonderful gift. I can't rock your world or fix your hurt, but I can pray!

God has lived with me through many struggles, and he has taught me how to reach out and wrap myself in his love. He is a knot-maker that secures me. I may struggle. You may struggle. God's got this.




In the middle of the puddle, we muddle, and it isn't pretty, and God's not proud, just sayin'. We are going to have to realize how blessed we are, even when we can't breathe. Don't whine, dine on his Word. Don't give up. Trust that his plan is bigger and better. Mostly, don't let Satan steal our joy. God loves a willing and joy-filled follower.




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