Someone Else

Step Back


One thing that I always know is when my stay wears too thin in a relationship. It is my habit to step back to not create tension or stress for others. It never means that I no longer care about or even love those individuals. I know in my wiring of exceptionality that some find me hard to tolerate. I respect that by doing the step back.

I am spending a lot of alone time right now as I reflect on how I desire to live my days with a willing heart in service to Christ. I enjoy aloneness because the Holy Spirit shares good things with me. I know that being alone is not healthy when overdone. I love deeply, and those who know me and can tolerate me are the ones that fit my life like a good leather glove. God wired me differently, but in that my blessings are immeasurably good. 

As the sun sets, I am thankful. Should the sunrise, I'm available.


004 (9)ee




Fresh Find: Pat Gabriel & Marcheta Gabriel would always make Baklava and share it with the employees at Gabriel's. I miss those days!!!