Be Looking

Reading Thoughts


Most always, when I read God gives me advice.

  • Gather the facts, make the assessment, and deal with the reality presented.
  • Our understanding is so limited. Be careful not to assume God's role or presume you understand his ways or the depth of his love.
  • No one is told any story but their own.
  • Give, all the way to the end.
  • That's what books do; they are a conversation and introduce us to ourselves and others.
  • Believe God can do tremendous things through you.
  • How often it is a small, almost unconscious event that marks a turning point.
  • Love in action is hard compared to love in dreams.
  • It isn't the event that haunts us, though they hold some power, it is the choices we make within the event we carry all our days.


We need to spread our leaves out and soak up God's Sonshine like a flower soaks up the sunshine!!!



He will help us grow to full bloom.






Fresh Find: Face cupping for wrinkles. Interesting.