I got an email yesterday showing Back In Time in the Plainview Herald. Here is the excerpt.


July 2, 1989: Chrissa Wall, 8, daughter of Clinton and Phyllis Wall, is prepared for Fourth of July celebrating at her streetside lemonade stand, outfitted in a flag-motif dress and surrounded by Old Glory and trappings of the holiday. (photo)

Well, here is a picture from the original newspaper cells, you know the three layers of color that created a color picture for the newspaper back in the day.


Chrissa Star & Stripes dresse


The history of the dress. I was reading a Smithsonian magazine and saw this child's dress that was on display at one time in the Smithsonian. I decided that I wanted to have one made for our little girl to wear in a picture showing our love for our great Nation. The newspaper then decided they would do a picture and staged this shot. The lemonade is in my grandmother, Lucy May Hopkins Etter's Americana Fostoria that she gave me on my 16th birthday. The quilt is one I made for our kids from our old jeans. The patriotic clown represented America where fun times for kids still existed. The drum represented the soldier who sacrificed: the flag, our Independence.


Well, this dress created a problem with a few people back then. It was all created out of pride and respect for our Nation. Today, people wear the flag in all sorts of ways that are totally accepted. 

I don't care what people say; this is a beautiful representation of Independence. We love all that our flag represents. We thank our Veterans and active service members for the land we live freely in today.




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