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Surely the Lord is in This Place


Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place. First Baptist Plainview is made up of a diverse group of followers of Jesus Christ by the hand of God's calling on our lives. We are sinners, saved by grace, redeemed and love to proclaim Him.

This morning I slung my camera over my shoulder and knew I was to take specific pictures not yet known by me but with a purpose that God would direct.


This is Miss K. Her love extends without pretense. Her life is my example.



We have loved this girl since she was young. Her beauty runs deep.


Two men, two testimonies. God pours his colors into our life to create a rich tapestry.


Reflecting on God's great Love!


Jo Lively was a dear friend to many. We had a deep connection of faith and understanding of God's call on our lives. Jo was the "hat lady" and we have her pink hat in our pre-school area to remind us of her gift of acceptance to all.

Beth Finley lives a life of serving. She looked radiant this morning in her bright colors. Out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed the pink hat and knew it would be a perfect picture of two very special friends that God has brought into my life. Both wisdom women who shared and share the love of Christ. I am blessed!



Called, justified, glorified. Repeat.


Gaither Vocal Band
Lily of the Valley, let your sweet aroma fill my life
Rose of Sharon show me how to grow in beauty in God's sight
Fairest of ten thousand make me a reflection of your light
Daystar shine down on me let your love shine through me in the night
Lead me Lord, I'll follow. Anywhere you open up the door
Let your word speak to me, show me what I've never seen before
Lord I want to be your witness, you can take what's wrong and make it right
Daystar shine down on me, let your love shine through me in the night
Lord I've seen a world that's dying wounded by the master of deceit
Groping in the darkness, haunted by the years of past defeat
But when I see you standing near me shining with compassion in your eyes
I pray Jesus shine down on me let your love shine through me in the night
Lead me Lord, I'll follow anywhere you open up the door
Let your word speak to me, show me what I've never seen before
Lord I want to be your witness, you can take what's wrong and make it right
Daystar shine down on me, let your love shine through me in the night






Fresh Find: A beautiful stained glass 12 point star.






I'm so thankful that I'm a picture taker. They may all end up trashed one day, but they continue to remind me of the beauty in my life. It is interesting how I come across special pictures while I'm searching for a different picture. I barely remember September 2013; it was the month we buried my mom. There were a few pictures taken at the funeral lunch that are very special of dear friends and relatives. As I look back, I wish I had hired someone to get pictures of everyone because my brain was in such a fog.

This man is the epitome of Godly. He loved my mother, and we love him. He was with me every step of the way even to my mom's last breath. He was my saving grace because he was there to sit with her to allow me a break. Robert Matthews is a blessing to many!




Here is a cousins picture of those who joined us for lunch with my brother (who passed a few months later). I don't see them much anymore, but they hold a special place in my heart.



Here is a picture of her grands & greats that attended.



This day changed our lives for sure, but our blessings continue.




Fresh Find: Nice handbag.



Someone Else


In the spring of 2014, after my mother entered glory in the fall of 2013, we had our first Cardinal, Big Red. The next season, we had the missus — the following season baby Cardinals, and so on, even to this spring, 2019.


017 copye


Then, I began to take notice that we have no Cardinals at all now. I have decided that God has someone else that needs them now. It saddens me some, but I pray that someone else will enjoy them as much as I did as I grieved the loss of my mother, then my brother three months later, and then Clinton's mom after that. I do feel like I have come full circle.

Even though the Cardinals are MIA, we have three baby Blue Jays and three baby Robins frolicking in the back along with many other birds, a bunny and a squirrel or two.









Fresh Find: It is 90 degrees at 10 PM, but it will soon be freezing in Plainview. This looks like a warm coat, and the color is fantastic.



Step Back


One thing that I always know is when my stay wears too thin in a relationship. It is my habit to step back to not create tension or stress for others. It never means that I no longer care about or even love those individuals. I know in my wiring of exceptionality that some find me hard to tolerate. I respect that by doing the step back.

I am spending a lot of alone time right now as I reflect on how I desire to live my days with a willing heart in service to Christ. I enjoy aloneness because the Holy Spirit shares good things with me. I know that being alone is not healthy when overdone. I love deeply, and those who know me and can tolerate me are the ones that fit my life like a good leather glove. God wired me differently, but in that my blessings are immeasurably good. 

As the sun sets, I am thankful. Should the sunrise, I'm available.


004 (9)ee




Fresh Find: Pat Gabriel & Marcheta Gabriel would always make Baklava and share it with the employees at Gabriel's. I miss those days!!!






I'm sorry that you aren't humble & kind

I'm sorry you humble & kind

I'm sorry you were born this humble & kind

I'm sorry you humble & kind

I'm sorry you are humble & kind

I'm sorry your customer service wasn' humble & kind

I'm sorry you don't humble & kind

I'm sorry they are mean to humble & kind

I'm sorry you did not get your humble & kind

I'm sorry you don't feel humble & kind

I'm sorry that you are humble & kind

I'm sorry you feel humble & kind

I'm sorry you are hot or humble & kind

I'm sorry you don't humble & kind

I'm sorry your toes were stepped humble & kind

I'm sorry your thoughts are humble & kind


We humble and kind!!!

Help me to always reflect and be humble and kind.


006 (3)e


Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. Philippians 2:3-11




Fresh Find: A precious child's bow & arrow set.





It Pays


Sometimes it pays for Sir Clinton to clean out his office storage closet AND actually look at what is before him as a reminder blessing! Like this form...



Today is our daughter & son-in-laws anniversary. They have given us our first and third grand sisters of our beautiful foursome. They have overcome challenges & accomplished much more, but these girls are our most significant joy gifts!!!

BB girls pix



Wedding backdrop 2e


San antonio


C & B engage 1jpg




She said she wanted cheesecake & all of the toppings...

Plate cake


C and B cake toaste





Okay, I got a bit carried away as I browsed pictures. There were so many that helped make the wedding amazing. Thank you, and Happy 14th to Chrissa & Brandon Brotherton!!!


It pays to find unexpected treasures to blog about!





Fresh Find: A beautiful oval bath rug.






I have enjoyed having time to complete tasks that needed to be done but just could not be worked into the schedule. Did some closet cleanout and organizing, did some creative painting, tackled several clean up projects, a few yard tasks, painted an outdoor rocker and recovered the seat, and did some laundry...between my reading moments. I enjoy our back yard, and it is where you will find me when I'm home, and the weather is good!




I had planned on taking a photo-taking drive, but I ran out of time. Oh, well, another day. 


I enjoy this verse...words to live by.

In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose you may be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us. Titus 2:7-8
Fresh Find: A transparent front beverage cooler. Poolside must have!



I had a very productive afternoon. I cleaned up my work area in the garage. It had gotten pretty dusty. This is an area of our home that has some family pieces that bring me sweet memories.




I have a framed advertising calendar from Hugh R. Etter Electric, a framed eggs postcard from a dear friend from Ukraine, as well as several accolades plaques, plates, and statues that sprinkle the area. The trash can belonged to my grandmother, Lucy May Etter as did the work coat hanging on the door. The stool was my grandfather Etter's from his Etter Electric shop. The little pink duster was my mother's. This is a fun place to hang.




Fresh Find: Mommy & Baby. Aren't these child's toys adorable!!!







A birthday is a special time to reflect on the year past and plan for the year ahead but mostly live the day. Thank you all for your appreciated birthday wishes. I can't think of a better way to spend a birthday than serving the community. Today we had the Plainview Downtown Association's 2nd Saturday, Christmas in July. It was a great day!!! What better way to celebrate than with a few hundred friends!!!

Tonight is the Bar-None Rodeo and dance and downtown there will be live music at the Brew. So, celebrating still!

Some shopping...




A video call from these girls...




Thank you for the gifts & cards. I got a precious smile gift from a little baby girl today...awesome! The Brew crew...thank you :) Thank you to everyone today for the birthday smiles!

And for the funny card from Clinton...

You're waffle-ly cute. Thanks for being my butter half! LOL





Fresh Find: Fun handheld game. Not electronic and great for hand-eye coordination.





Art comes in many forms. I am a collector of art. No worries that we have anything by an artist that you might recognize as famous. What we do have is an eclectic collection of beautiful pieces by friends bought through the emotion that is felt through them. Some teach, some calm, some remind, and many make me laugh. 

A friend of mine from Plainview who now lives in Oregon posted a picture. He works in a restaurant, and he shared his order papers. I immediately captured his art in my eyes to see brain. I asked him to mail them to me. I got them today and cannot wait to get Dan Egnew's piece framed!







Fresh Find: If you cook a lot, you may need a Saki stirrer!