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I'm sort of good at a few things, but I'm not excellent at anything. Do you feel this way? Do you ever look around and wonder why you don't have this talent or that talent? I'm going to be honest with you. In my case, it is because of (1) I fear failure, and (2) I can't handle criticism, (both stem from childhood issues) so it is just easier not to go there.

No need to tell me that you think I'm lovely or feel sorry for me because I'm not good at knit and purl, quilting, baking, wood-work, painting or whatever. What I do well is that I know people in "high" places (which I have discovered is better than low, unless you are Christ born in a lowly manger and that has turned out pretty amazing, as in saving the world) that are gifted in every area and are there for me should the need arise. I like that. I want to need others. I love to encourage others for what it is that they do. I have always said to do what you do well and not worry about what others are doing.

I stand by that. I get up every day, and my goal is to do what that day brings me and do it well.

Everyone does something well. I'm still trying to figure mine out. That's a goal I have set for 2020. When I have time, I'll think about it. I might even write a screenplay about my life...


Characters: God, me, you, and them.

Outline: Born --- Died

Plot:  How does God use you and me to reach them in the --- of life?

Treatment: let's play make-believe school; always read the last question first; you must choose to accept the mission; a life of Fruit Loops in relation to Cocoa Krispies.; how many days does one have before the fizz turns flat ... and so on.

Now to write...

On the other hand, maybe not tonight.

It truly is hard to put oneself out there in today's world. People are a critical species. I've never heard an elephant talk about the ape or the butterfly belittle the ladybug.

Life is better than sort of good. I'm tired, and I must be doing something right because God says so. It's God, me, you, and them. That's what matters; what we do in our dashes.

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P.S. Fear has two meanings: Fear Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise! I choose RISE over run except to run the race for Christ, which is to RISE and shine & give God the Glory, Glory, children of the Lord!!!