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A Gift

What I Learned


What I learned in church.


Multitudes are free through crimson blood. Every day is a celebration for disciples of Jesus Christ.

The blessed are not guests of the pity party, though many attend.

Hope is found in nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.

Heaven and earth tremble...

They storm the city; they run along the wall; they climb into houses, entering through windows like thieves. Before them, the earthquakes; the heavens tremble. The sun and the moon grow dark, and the stars lose their brightness. The LORD raises His voice in the presence of His army. Indeed, His camp is very large, for mighty are those who obey His command. For the Day of the LORD is great and very dreadful. Who can endure it?… Joel 2:10

What's our 'locust?'

Loss but not lost.

Hope is bigger than brokenness; it's what direction we face that allows us the realization.

The most destructive attribute in our life is self.

Hope is not Salvation. Hope is the expectation through joy found in the journey to eternity in Jesus Christ.

Repent for abundance.

If we take our lollipop & turn our backs, what God good is that?

If you never know the reason for the victory in Jesus, no longer slaves freedom is lost. My hope is found in how great is our God. Amen

What are the advantages of coming in 2nd place? How people respond to success or failure in pivotal life events may produce long-lasting consequences for living. Placing second creates a drive within that is hard to ignore.

I understand now that my soul is my power, not perfection or my ego. I continue to teach this to my children, despite their glamorous careers. If we can maintain our core values, the exteriors take second place and become a gift, a source of gratitude. Yolanda Hadid

My soul is God's power. The world offers many options. There is One line, my lifeline.




*What I Learned, is not a direct reflection of the sermon series, My Hope is Found, taught by Pastor Jacob West at FB.PLV, but what the Holy Spirit placed in my mind and on my heart as I listened.





Fresh Find: Several have asked what copper pitcher I purify my water in. Here it is. You may be able to purchase these locally now. At the time I bought mine, no one carried them where I live.