2019 UCC

Our Fruit Stand




Because I spend a considerable amount of time volunteering to revitalize and encourage growth in our downtown, I am allowed many blessings through those that God places in my path along this journey. We laugh that the Broadway Brew is my office. For sure, it is a place I frequent. In the years since the Brew first opened its doors to today, there have been many baristas come and go, and some come again as they travel their journey. Each one has given to me in their service.  

The greatest among you must be a servant. Matthew 23:11

There are a few that God has woven more closely the threads. Rachel is one that has blessed my life in a gentle but powerful way. I confuse her, and she embraces my crazy. What a joy she has been in my life and I will miss her and her husband, Sean Bohnet. They will be moving to Idaho for extended education, and this places them closer to her family; for this, I am thankful. 

"Our Fruit Stand" (see it on the sign?) is just that, our fruit stand. God places a variety of individuals into our lives for us to "feed" from for goodness. All are good alone, but when we come together as a fruit salad, with Holy whipped cream...the message is yummy!!! God blesses my fruit stand daily. How about yours?




Fresh Find: A fun fruit holder!