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I know there is a message in this picture.




Lichens are unique in that they are a composite life form: a fungus living in symbiosis with a photosynthesizing organism, which may be green algae or cyanobacteria, or both. There are more than 14,000 species of lichens known to exist from pole to pole and on every type of land surface. They are useful.

Many model train trees are made from them. Lichens are used for making dyes, perfumes, and traditional medicines. They promote both physical and chemical weathering of a rock, but are non-parasitic and so will not harm a rock or healthy trees. Besides bestowing beauty, lichens can provide a food source for some animals, such as flying squirrels and reindeer. A decline in lichens can be an indicator of increasing levels of air pollution

Sounds like faith-friendships to me!

Adds beauty, won't harm, a stable diet for others, and non-pollutant.




Fresh Find: A Lichens read.

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