101 Dalmatians



I enjoy finding older Bible or faith-based books at sales. I try to make the WBU book sale. I usually pick up a few good ones there. Sometimes I hang onto them when I find them useful to share from as the Holy Spirit leads. Often, I donate them back or give to others.

I purchased four books this week, Lectures on the Revelation by Ironside, Roy Rogers' Favorite Christmas Story, The Story of the Christmas Guest by Helen Steiner Rice, and the Plan of Salvation by Crouch. I've begun to read Lectures on Revelation. It is a 1920s book. I think I'm going to enjoy it. 



The two Christmas books were from the First Baptist Church library. They still had the check out cards in them. It was fun to read the names of those who had checked them out. The Roy Rogers' Christmas was checked out by Mrs. David Gammage in 1962. Jeanette Shat in 1963 and 1964. Mrs. M. Mills in 1964 and then Rubye Henderson in 1978.

The Story of the Christmas Guest card read, G. Daniel 1972. Maxine Marsh in 1973. Mazee Lee in 1973. Archie James in 1975. Wilma Lemons in 1977 and Phyllis Wall, no date.







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