101 Dalmatians

Aunt Pet


I loved my Aunt Pet. She called me Fissy. Patsy Culp called me Syllis. My grandfather called me Pete. Someone at bowling once called me Missy, but my name is Phyllis.


Aunt Pet, as we called her, was Mary Gertrude Dayton. She let me stay at their home in Midland a couple of summers, since my parents worked, it worked out. I remember they had an inversion table way back in the 70s and I thought it was so cool. I would lay back on it and listen to the Everly Brothers on their record player.

She is the woman in the doorway leaning on the booth @ the Chicken Inn Restaraunt.



I love this picture of Mary Gertrude. I called her Aunt Pet.



My dad is acting silly on the left with Aunt Pet, Uncle Lucky, and Uncle Warren.





Fresh Find: These hairy feet shoes made me laugh!