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I'm not an openly political person. I like my voice to speak faith more than politics. In my life, I watch God bring together, and I witness politics dividing. It is nearing an election year, and I sense it will be ugly. These seasons always are a real battleground and after the last election, oh my...

I love people. It doesn't matter to me how you voted or will vote, but to many, a lifestyle that includes a political alignment that differs is a friends changer. I love these people, too. 

I'm going to step out on a limb here, and I'm pretty sure that I will regret it. I need to say this, feel led, as it has been brought to my attention over and over again in my thoughts.

In my observance of the political process in the last election, the reason that Trump won the Presidential election is not that he was the very best candidate, but because the Democratic candidate was not who it needed to be. 

As the candidates for this next election come forward, think about who will be the most competitive in reaching the voters. I understand that President Trump has many supporters and I also know that many don't know why. I believe that we can worship God from the words of any preacher as long as we are open to God's teaching. The same is true with the leader of our country. I trust that God is in the mix and through prayer for our leaders, will reign.

It is essential as leaders not to be sidetracked by the overstimulation that our society delivers. A leader focused on the goal of good for all will rise. Let's pray to that end for this upcoming election time and be happy in our blessings, small and big. To not do so takes power away from the One who gives!







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