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Someone has asked me why I post so little on my personal page and why it is mostly faith-based. So, here is why. I drop events and happenings over on Plainview Texas Local Events. I post Plainview Downtown Association items on that page. I Live [Lived] in Plainview gets everything of interest about Plainview and Plainview people near & far. I post items of encouragement on K.E Society. We Noticed is where we recognize those who impact our lives with kindness, goodness & positive vibes. The Hunt is Over is where I drop business cards of local small business owners & big ones, too. Hale County First Responders is an appreciation page to our first responders & we do appreciate them. If it is about giving, the Plainview Area Endowment page is where I land. For skatboarding, it is Skatepark Plainview. Cancer education & awareness is Go Big, Relay and Cotton Barons. PHS Class of 1973 is where we talk school. Adult Female Aspergers/Autism Network is where I drop things I've learned. On a prayer page, we gather daily to pray for specific needs. Oh, love some Theta, our neighborhood group, lunch bunch, 4 Forks, 5 Friends, and 4th Monday, too.

My personal page is about my faith and my family. They are my foundation and my love. Thank you, amigos, for stopping by!







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