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Where Does It Go?


Where does it go? The time in my day. Today was a free yay for me day. I don't get those often. I was going to sleep late, did not happen. I did have the morning though to reflect on spiritual goodness. I finished up a few projects. Had lunch ready for Sir Clinton at about half-past 11. Then I headed out to do some "me" things with a few errands thrown in for good measure. In other words, I had my day semi-planned.

I went to two estate sales and had a nice time visiting with the people I saw there. I stopped at the cleaners and the post office and ended up spending all afternoon #outonthedowntown. Y'All it is work not to spend money every time I'm downtown. Great businesses!!! I left downtown at 5:10, all the while doing PDA connectivity and delivery.

What I want to share is how very blessed I am. One of the things that I truly enjoy about volunteering downtown through the Plainview Downtown Association is the people. Every person I saw this afternoon made me smile. The business owners and employees add a whole new dimension to my life through their work ethic, their vision, their creativity, their drive to grow and improve our downtown shopping district, and delivering kindness in the process.

Today, I had a young man tell me I looked pretty. I had hundreds of smiles. I felt appreciated. I was served. I got to serve.

I'm just a little girl who grew up here that is now an old lady who still thinks Plainview is the best place to live, raise a family, grow a business, or kick back and relax.

There are three non-negotiables for me — my faith, my family, and selling Plainview. There are many facets to each of these three that I hold tight to, but you won't get anywhere with me if you challenge these three non-negotiables.

So, my "me" day was gone and everything I thought I might do this afternoon at home, not cleaning, but more piddling in the back yard and reading, taking pictures, etc. was put on the back burner until after dinner. It was worth it.

The evening was beautiful, and I did accomplish all of the things I had wanted to do. While I was sitting and reading, I heard a slight scratching and looked up to see Big Red within arms distance looking at me. I said, "Well, hello there." He looked at me and sat there a while as I whistled our all's clear call. He jumped down onto the grass and did his funny poses. The squirrel took the high road from the top of one tree to another to cross over the yard to the alley. There were butterflies and Hummingbird Moths, and a silly wabbit that just sat and ate as I walked right by it to the trash dumpster. 

As I reflect on my day, I pray that I had an impact somewhere along the way that made a difference for someone God placed in my path. For me, the blessings were real. Thank you.

Where does it go? Time. Where we choose to spend it!






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