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Pica Pole


I learned something new today. I own a pica pole. I did not know it had a name! When my stationery business was open, Stan Lancaster gave me this instrument to help guide me. He and Glenda also gave me a translation guide for inches, decimal and mm. I have used these two items countless times in my life. I just did not know that I had a pica pole.





6 & 12 points were used in printing and agate was used to measure newspaper ad sizing. Both are interesting, but they aren't inches.


A pica pole...


The wonderful thing about my pica pole is that it is a sentimental gift that I cherish from longtime printers, Glenda and Stan Lancaster. They are sweet friends and oh my, I have given them some good laughs! They love me for me and these are the people I surround my sanity with! The kind of people that will share their pica poles with you!!!





Fresh Find: In case you want to join the pica pole society.