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The Pull


Sometimes there are things that others think that someone should be able to do that is just not doable; specifically for one wired aspergerally (yes, I can make up words). Maybe at some point, the individual might wrap their mind around the situation and find a level of peace that will allow what is thought to be an easy switch, change, or modification to be accomplished. There are so many factors that enter into the process of change that it is literally mind-boggling.  For me personally, I need time to weigh the pros and cons, and almost always it comes down to how I can best function in the situation. This seems selfish, but it is self-preservation. Everything must be weighed and balanced for productivity. Most are not tolerant of others who live in this lifestyle. 

Here is a list of possible tendencies that one wired Aspergerally might exhibit.

  • Repetitive routines
  • Can engage in tasks for long periods
  • Blank expression
  • Intestinal issues
  • Sensitive to sound, touch, taste, sight, and smell
  • Eccentric personality
  • In own world
  • Rigid likes and dislikes
  • Social interaction
  • Interrupt others
  • Long pauses in conversation
  • One-sided conversations
  • Easily bored with others subject topic
  • Conversations are meant to exchange information rather than emotionally connecting
  • Cannot mask inner feelings in facial reactions
  • Do not enjoy praise
  • Do not enjoy social functions
  • Do not enjoy asking others to help
  • Eye coordination contact
  • Often speak too loudly
  • Speak in monotone
  • Detached
  • Don’t know others intentions
  • Intuitive
  • Hard to recognize sarcasm
  • Do not get jokes
  • Prefer solitude
  • Friendships are difficult
  • Distant relationships with family
  • Ignore or avoid people to not interact
  • Do not get unwritten rules
  • My way
  • Preference for exact use of words
  • Have difficulty calling people by name
  • Recall issues
  • Difficulty getting off of one subject
  • Repetitive hand/leg movement
  • Scratch at scalp
  • Grind teeth
  • Sit with body parts under or curl in odd ways
  • Bite lips
  • Arranging things by color or category
  • Difficulty understanding symbolism
  • Obsess to end a project before starting another
  • Overact to small changes in plans or environment
  • Specific routines
  • Get upset when interrupted
  • Black and white thinker
  • Difficulty seeing others point of view
  • Hard to apologize
  • Like others to follow my rules/lead
  • Frustrated by things not defined or unorganized
  • Change
  • Topic obsession
  • Focus on details
  • Perfectionist
  • Texture intolerance
  • Irritating tight clothes or itchy tags
  • Feel physical sensations that others don’t
  • Sensitive to heat and cold
  • Startled by sudden or loud sounds
  • Hear sounds others may not
  • Can’t follow a conversation if there is background noise
  • Bright light is painful
  • Certain smells can make me physically ill
  • Sensory input exhausts
  • High pain tolerance
  • Difficult to maintain working relationships
  • Can’t remember what I said
  • Insomnia
  • Persistent anxiety
  • Gross motor coordination/sports
  • Difficulty recognizing or talking about one's emotions or the emotions of others
  • Difficulty recognizing faces especially out of context
  • Meltdowns or shutdowns
  • Processing issues


There is a whole lot of beauty to be found in this world through God's created ones. When we encourage confident growth, feed and water with encouragement then there will be beautiful blooms! Let's live kindness up!!!






Fresh Find: What a fun "wake up to a birthday" these balloons are!!! The best kind. They don't make loud popping sounds!!!



Say Anything


If I could say anything to you...

First I would ask if you have asked Jesus to live within your heart with the assurance of eternal life because if I care about you, I want us to spend eternity together!

Next, I would ask you to put down your phone and pick up a good camera; not expensive, but good. I consider the pictures of historical value that tell generational stories, that may or may not exist for generations to come. In my experience, there is no comparison between a mobile phone picture and a camera (point and shoot or DSLR) picture when used for any purpose outside of the original formatted viewing. It doesn't matter if you use your phone vs. a camera (point and shoot or DSLR) as much as it matters that what we take is stored properly. Some people have thousands & thousands of pictures on their phones that will go away in time via the loss of the phone or improper storage. Yes, pictures may be transferred from one phone to another phone, but I wonder about their quality. I'm no expert on cameras, photography, etc. but I do hope that the pictures we take are being saved somewhere outside of our phone (or camera) for longevity. Tell us how you manage your photos for the long haul.


Our grandgirls love creating fun overlays with a phone ap. It is always a surprise what I find on my phone after visits.






Fresh Find: How about this shirt!



Strike a Pose


Our longtime family friend, Marie Anderson [Tom],  has that strike a pose down for these vintage pictures. She was a lifeguard and swim teacher. I grew up thinking she was my babysitter. Her family lived across from my grandparents, so it was just natural for her to mother me. She taught me to swim when I was very young. Both of us are in our golden years, her more golden than me, but both of us choose to enjoy life at whatever age we are — thinking about her fondly today.


Marie swim




Fresh Find: In another life, I would be a synchronized swimmer. Maybe this swim cap would inspire?



Where Does It Go?


Where does it go? The time in my day. Today was a free yay for me day. I don't get those often. I was going to sleep late, did not happen. I did have the morning though to reflect on spiritual goodness. I finished up a few projects. Had lunch ready for Sir Clinton at about half-past 11. Then I headed out to do some "me" things with a few errands thrown in for good measure. In other words, I had my day semi-planned.

I went to two estate sales and had a nice time visiting with the people I saw there. I stopped at the cleaners and the post office and ended up spending all afternoon #outonthedowntown. Y'All it is work not to spend money every time I'm downtown. Great businesses!!! I left downtown at 5:10, all the while doing PDA connectivity and delivery.

What I want to share is how very blessed I am. One of the things that I truly enjoy about volunteering downtown through the Plainview Downtown Association is the people. Every person I saw this afternoon made me smile. The business owners and employees add a whole new dimension to my life through their work ethic, their vision, their creativity, their drive to grow and improve our downtown shopping district, and delivering kindness in the process.

Today, I had a young man tell me I looked pretty. I had hundreds of smiles. I felt appreciated. I was served. I got to serve.

I'm just a little girl who grew up here that is now an old lady who still thinks Plainview is the best place to live, raise a family, grow a business, or kick back and relax.

There are three non-negotiables for me — my faith, my family, and selling Plainview. There are many facets to each of these three that I hold tight to, but you won't get anywhere with me if you challenge these three non-negotiables.

So, my "me" day was gone and everything I thought I might do this afternoon at home, not cleaning, but more piddling in the back yard and reading, taking pictures, etc. was put on the back burner until after dinner. It was worth it.

The evening was beautiful, and I did accomplish all of the things I had wanted to do. While I was sitting and reading, I heard a slight scratching and looked up to see Big Red within arms distance looking at me. I said, "Well, hello there." He looked at me and sat there a while as I whistled our all's clear call. He jumped down onto the grass and did his funny poses. The squirrel took the high road from the top of one tree to another to cross over the yard to the alley. There were butterflies and Hummingbird Moths, and a silly wabbit that just sat and ate as I walked right by it to the trash dumpster. 

As I reflect on my day, I pray that I had an impact somewhere along the way that made a difference for someone God placed in my path. For me, the blessings were real. Thank you.

Where does it go? Time. Where we choose to spend it!






Fresh Find: Love these classic sandals.





Pica Pole


I learned something new today. I own a pica pole. I did not know it had a name! When my stationery business was open, Stan Lancaster gave me this instrument to help guide me. He and Glenda also gave me a translation guide for inches, decimal and mm. I have used these two items countless times in my life. I just did not know that I had a pica pole.





6 & 12 points were used in printing and agate was used to measure newspaper ad sizing. Both are interesting, but they aren't inches.


A pica pole...


The wonderful thing about my pica pole is that it is a sentimental gift that I cherish from longtime printers, Glenda and Stan Lancaster. They are sweet friends and oh my, I have given them some good laughs! They love me for me and these are the people I surround my sanity with! The kind of people that will share their pica poles with you!!!





Fresh Find: In case you want to join the pica pole society.




Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


A chicken dinner sure sounds yummy, but I'm talking about kids in 4-H and their Fashion Show held tonight in Abernathy. Our Miss J moved from Clover Kids to Junior this year. Her fashion entry was construction theatre/costume. She did well. All of the kids did. 

Miss J won 1st!!!




Miss B needed to have her picture made, too!











Fresh Find: Love these chairs!!!




Not by Chance


It is not by chance that this young woman in the middle moved to Plainview many years ago. She had two small babies and was making a new way. I was called to her then and have watched her do amazing things. It has been my joy, my blessing, these years to witness God at work in her life. Her kids are in high school now. She will marry in April, and God walks with them as they embrace the years ahead united in fellowship with each other and with God as the lead of their lives.

Susan and I were honored to be included in her bridal shower day. Nothing is by chance. God is good.






Fresh Find: A fun foot pouf!




Both of our children had Mr. Deardorf as their music teacher at Edgemere. They both took piano from him. Here they are in Emmy & Bill's piano room hamming it up. Well, at least one child was! Such sweet memories!!!


PDI_0040 (2)e






Fresh Find: Big Mouth Potty Piano! Hahaha! Fun!!!




In the season of weddings, there are the extras that actually make the whole event a memory to cherish. One thing that I would tell brides today...get professional photographs of each event. This was not in our budget, and I'm sad that our pictures are few and not like we have today. I enjoy them anyway! And, back to the special extras that made the day wonderful. There were three hundred or so of the most amazing family & friends who celebrated with us. Here are the ones who rode the ride! Thank you!


Ronda Coleman, Carla Day, me, Jacquie Johnston, Randa McDaniel, and Brenda Marks at a little lingerie party.



My nephew, Carey Dayton and Tiffany Gabriel, adorbs!


My lifelong friend, Jennett Berlin, who lives too far away!


Clinton's sisters, Kathy and Donna.


Linda Chapman, Janis Alexander, me, Debby Duncan and Becky Leach, attendants.


Linda Chapman, Jacquie Johnston, Janis Alexander, and Becky Leach at the Bridal Luncheon.


Terri Beth Brown, Cheryl Veatch, Debby Duncan, and Beverly Baker at a bridal party.


Organist, Betty Morton. We have been blessed through her music for many years!


The guys. Newt Wheeler, Pastor Carlos McCleod, Bill Davis, Clinton, Mike Williams, and brother, Bert Wall.


Jacquie Johnston and her piano gift, what a wonderful life long connection we have enjoyed!


Debby Duncan, my friend since we were toddlers.


The lingerie shower party guests.


My grandmother, Lucy May Etter made this pinwheel dress for our bridal shower. I still have it.


Stacie Gabriel & Kimberly Gabriel. Two sweethearts that brought me joy.


The ushers, Dwight Adams, and Bart Greer.



Dustin Dayton and Tiffany Gabriel brought big smiles to us all.


Wynette Amick and Becky Leach help make rice bags.


Ed Wittner shared his voice with us all. Great man!


The reception hostesses: Debby Dayton, Claudeen Wall, Wanda Sylvester, Doris Johnson, Nan Ballinger, Bonnie Montgomery, Carol Tapp, and Martha Miks. Not pictured: Nan Ballinger, Dickie Perkins, Jaquita Germany, and Ralene Leach.






Fresh Find: An interesting belt idea.




My spiritual gift is administration. The spiritual gift of administration is a special God-given ability to plan, organize tasks, and follow through or to steer a ship (ministry, task, organization.) People with this gift ensure the success of a project by clarifying goals and helping others work together. Administrators usually have one of two leadership styles. One organizes things, events or programs. The other organizes people and emphasizes personal relationships and leadership responsibilities.

In spiritual gift studies, administration is the one that always leads the way for my life. There are others and when I'm not called to lead I find my stronghold in them.

I think it is important as a leader to look at Christ and how he leads. He starts at the bottom. He becomes familiar with his workers. We goot wash some feet. Even in his goodness and power, he is humble. When our mindset is to follow his model of servant leadership, where we lead will thrive. 

We must find ourselves stooping, not looming over those we lead. We must tend to the relationships of those who work alongside us, and there will be less monitoring because workers thrive with a drive when they are encouraged and used.

Humility, a modest or low view of one's own importance, does not mean we are less important. To be humble means, we are secure in our righteousness through faith and putting others in a position of success delivers a stronger program, body, organization. A real leader loves.

In Romans 5:1-11 Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we boast in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us. You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Since we have now been justified by his blood, how much more shall we be saved from God’s wrath through him! For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life! Not only is this so, but we also boast in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation.

Whatever we do, we must first know that we are where God wants us to be. We must ask ourselves, what might I do in this to glorify your name, in this place, as I serve alongside you? 

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2

Each day, this is my heart's desire. Sometimes I fail. God teaches me. I learn. I try again. God is good. I want to thrive and help others thrive!







Fresh Find: Look at the Flowers pennant.