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Happy 9th

Once Upon a Time


I always wonder why a story might start with the phrase, "Once upon a time?"   

"Once upon a time" is a phrase used to introduce a narrative of past events, typically in fairy tales and folk tales. It has been used in some form since at least 1380 in storytelling in the English language and has opened many narratives since 1600. Does anyone else's mind click off when a story opens with the phrase? Why not just dive in and save the words? 

I suppose how we start our story depends on if we want others to figure out where we are going or where we are coming from. 

Think about starting where there is enough action to be a draw and then ask...

Imagine if ... an invitation to let go and join in the narrative.

Here's what excites me ... this allows the passion of the vision to create enough excitement to follow.

Make sure the dots are connected so that whatever is being written might be followable.


Once upon a time, imagine if, it was a dark stormy night, here is what excites me, it's always best to start at the beginning or create a resounding ending.


I am no writer, and I know nothing about writing. I'm a sharer. 


Life Worthy Of My Calling


Unity Of Spirit


One Body~One Spirit~One Hope~One Lord

    One Faith~One Baptism

                One God And Father Of All

                            Over All~In All

Grace Given

            Christ Apportioned

Equipped To Service

                    Built Up

Unity In Faith And Knowledge

                               Son Of God


        Attaining Whole Measure

                Fullness Of Jesus Christ

It's Always Best To Start At The Beginning

        Here Is What Excites Me

                    Imagine If

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

        Once Upon a Time, He Died For Me


                    There is a resounding ending!       Ephesians 4









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