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Days Like Today


Sometimes I have days like today. On days like this, things don't go according to "my" plan. Life dumps a disruption into my lap, and it throws me off. We all have these days. In the Aspie's world, it is called a meltdown. It is what we do with the days like this that will make or break us. I always ask God what am I to learn; make me teachable.

A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. Proverbs 17:17.

There are few things in this old world that are more important than a solid friendship. Self-respect, character, family, love, and for certain God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit would be my choices.

Emerson writes: "It never troubles the sun that some of its rays fall wide and vain into empty space, and only a small part on the reflecting planet." Friends will fall into many categories but a real friend...they remain bright shiners.

We will most likely have a very few real friends in this journey we are on. Some are seasonal, and some stay the course. There must be a devotion between friends that encourages prayer and spiritual well-being. We must choose solid friends, those with more iron and less sugar, lest they dissolve when times are tough.


My Master was a helper,

The woes of life he knew,

And he who would be like him

Must be a helper, too:

The burden will grow lighter,

If each will take a share,

And where there is a helper

The Master's man is there.

~ William G. Tarrant


Be a selfless helper. There are those who will never grasp this concept, then there are so many who do! 

The thistle is a beautiful plant, but farmers find it very intrusive. We should plan where we plant ouurselves according to God's purpose. Be beautiful, friends!


004 (9)e


Feeling blessed!!!





ourselves Find: If I could, I would buy this  Bird Man sculpture.





On a Sunday in 1996, on this date, my father got up to get ready for church, then sat in his chair and went to sleep. He woke up to his promised eternal life. Get your Bible and let's go. I'm forever blessed.

These are days we never forget, the day that our loved ones, who have accepted Christ as their Savior, take that last breath and wake up in Heaven.

John 5:24  “Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life."



Her Daddy Always Said


Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.

I guess because in his eyes she was his diamond mine.

Get your Bible and let’s go.


Twenty-three years without her brilliant jewel of a dad.

Has seen her struggle and be more than a tad sad.

Get your Bible and let’s go.


Days go by faster now than before.

Still, his memory knocks on her hearts' door.

Get your Bible and let’s go.


She listens to the quite example he laid before her.

Yes, ma’am. No, ma’am. Yes, sir, and no, sir.

Get your Bible and let’s go.


Without him to polish her stones, she often felt alone.

Finding peace through the Hotline to Heaven phone.

Get your Bible and let’s go.


Old as she was, she knew the truth about things.

For her daddy gave his all to give her wings.

Get your Bible and let’s go.


Using her wings, the bells of heaven chime.

Her daddy’s words remind her each time.

Get your Bible and let’s go.


Reunion time is sooner than not, again they meet.

One day, daddy and daughter together at the Savior’s feet.

Get your Bible and let’s go.


2010, Phyllis Wall



John Dayton





Fresh Find: A great beverage center. Order from our Plainview Sears store. It's home owned!













Today a friend posted on Facebook a picture that said something to the effect of a flower doesn't worry about what the other flowers are doing or looking like, it just blooms. I contend that we should do what we do and do it well without making life a constant competition. We are in this world to bloom for such a short time. Let's grow our souls with kindness, encouragement, serving, and focusing on our relationship with Christ. When we worry about our relationship with Christ, he will see to our prayers, as well.







Fresh Find: A great hair styling tool tower!




Sometimes I come across a picture that someone else has taken that speaks to me. Today, I saw this picture of a young boy and a dog that reminded me of where we live, how kids should be, and the importance of pets in the lives of people. It's a life we all cling to.

"Checking Cows" speaks to my heart.







Fresh Find: If your hands hurt or stay cold, this fresh find is for you.


God Greeted Me


God greeted me this morning with his hawk gift. The small birds were nestled way deep in the vines of the Honeysuckle as it got a drink and then flew into the tree. They are such beautiful birds, especially in flight. God is good! He sends me treasures every day. He allows me signs along the way.








Fresh Find: I'm kinda loving this camp stool!!!






"Strong Shoulder" Jar


Not long after Clinton and I married, well, closer to being a newlywed than the 44-year mark we will celebrate this May, we visited his Uncle, Lindel and Aunt Lois. Here is a picture of their family then. Randy, Mark, Yvonne, Lindel, Lois, Pamela Glasgow.


PDI_0017 (2)



Lois gifted me with one of her green Mason Atlas Strong Shoulder jars. For a young lady in a new family, this made a huge impression on me. It is one of my treasured possessions. 







Fresh Find: This looks like a 'Be still and know that I am God' outdoor treat!






Call It A Crush


I was listening to the recordings of my mother, Lorena Etter, and her friend, Margarete, on 78 paper records. They recorded them at South Plains Music Company located at 1214 Broadway in Lubbock, Texas in 1946. Their phone number was 7051. Their byline was, "Everything In Music."




There are four records with these two 16-year-old girls singing and having a ball doing it. What fun they were having. A trip to Lubbock in a recording studio.

Call it a crush! On one record, Margaret teases Lorena about Johnny. John & Lorena were married two years later.







Fresh Find: Love these felt ball filled letters! Fun decorating idea!





When I was growing up my parents spent quite a bit of time with my father, John Dayton's sister, Fay Dayton Cox's family. They lived on 19th. Here are pictures of me rocking with cousin, Allen Cox, then me in one of my favorite dresses my mother made me, then rocking with cousin, Vicky Cox, another time in a wonderful dress my mother made.


Allen Cox Phyllis Daytone


Phyllis Daytone


Cox house Phyllis Vicky






Fresh Find: I got this clock for my office. I love it!