Father Abraham

Days Like Today


Sometimes I have days like today. On days like this, things don't go according to "my" plan. Life dumps a disruption into my lap, and it throws me off. We all have these days. In the Aspie's world, it is called a meltdown. It is what we do with the days like this that will make or break us. I always ask God what am I to learn; make me teachable.

A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. Proverbs 17:17.

There are few things in this old world that are more important than a solid friendship. Self-respect, character, family, love, and for certain God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit would be my choices.

Emerson writes: "It never troubles the sun that some of its rays fall wide and vain into empty space, and only a small part on the reflecting planet." Friends will fall into many categories but a real friend...they remain bright shiners.

We will most likely have a very few real friends in this journey we are on. Some are seasonal, and some stay the course. There must be a devotion between friends that encourages prayer and spiritual well-being. We must choose solid friends, those with more iron and less sugar, lest they dissolve when times are tough.


My Master was a helper,

The woes of life he knew,

And he who would be like him

Must be a helper, too:

The burden will grow lighter,

If each will take a share,

And where there is a helper

The Master's man is there.

~ William G. Tarrant


Be a selfless helper. There are those who will never grasp this concept, then there are so many who do! 

The thistle is a beautiful plant, but farmers find it very intrusive. We should plan where we plant ouurselves according to God's purpose. Be beautiful, friends!


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Feeling blessed!!!





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