Giving Joy
Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

eyes to see


"The eye is not satisfied with seeing." Ecclesiastes 1.8

The eye is a marvel. It is at once a microscope and telescope. It can catch the sheen of an insect's wing and behold the sun ninety million miles away. It is not only what the eye is able to see that makes it marvelous, it is what it expresses as the instrument of the soul within.

The eye of man is not satisfied with what it sees. It forever demands to see more. The eye of a brute never thrills to a landscape as an artist does. No ox ever put a blade of grass under a microscope, nor wished to do so.

Whatever man sees only incites him to search further. It is a law of his nature. The physician, the painter, all explorers, chemists, physicists, and biologists contribute their gifts to humanity under the working of this law. Their eyes see ever more clearly that which they train themselves to find.

So it is with spiritual affairs. The soul beholds ever more clearly what it strives to envision. That is why mere men and women become saints. That is why all useful religion is forward-looking. That is why Jesus illustrated so much of his teaching with growing things. That is why the eye of the soul is not satisfied until the Light of the world fills it. Then only does our restlessness pass into certainty and peace. Nor does this certainty and peace preclude a divine discontent which is only satisfied in the life beyond life. Perhaps not even then. Meditations for Men by Daniel Russell MCMXLV


Upward where the stars are burning,

Silent, silent in their turning

Round the never-changing pole;

Upward where the sky is brightest,

Upward where the blue is lightest,

Lift I now my longing soul.  Horatius Bonar



'eyes to see,' this is the name I use to label my pictures. It is a spiritual journey for me as I go out and see what God has my eyes to see and then share the beauty in what he has led me to. Being in tune with the Father through the Holy Spirit as I surrender to follow in this simple way allows me great joy. As I pick up a camera, I am excited to see what great things He will show me. I sometimes think that what I am seeing has no purpose and yet, He knows and amazes me through the process.

It is training for my soul. It allows me to listen, follow and see beyond what is right in front of me. This training allows me to see others in a way that is deeper than I can explain. God is good. 

eyes to see, a woman in spiritual training.







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