The Trooth


The trooth is this should be the way to spell trooth (truth), like tooth, just sayin'! 

The trooth is that I can tell myself every year that summer is my favorite time of year, but winter is the longing of my soul. Winter, when everything rests, reflects and readies for the resurrection.

I enjoy being home, staying inside and hibernating. I love the symphony God provides in the heavy snow as it plays off of the tree limbs as I walk through the Running Water Draw.

I'm a clothes layering up person to the point of attempting to go incognito.

Winter brings a grateful heart or at least the time to slow down and appreciate how blessed we truly are.

Sweatpants, fresh nippy air and the departure of mosquitoes and pesky flies keep me singing.

I love to read, read, read and although I read all year long, there is something about winter reading that screams cozied up!

Comfort foods that warm my insides and even the Hazlenut Breve tastes better on a cold, dreary day.

I'm not a fan of many things that are associated with winter, or fall, like pumpkin drinks, cocoa, spiced tea, building a snowman, socks, sledding, fires, Christmas trees, and most Christmas carols and after 63 years God has shown me that this is okay. It is okay to be the me that he can use, and none of these things are required to get to my Eternal home.

Leaves fall snow


If, as the Almanac says, the number of acorns that fall is any indication of the winter we will have, a hard one is on its way. 

Be prepared. I'm going there...to the place of inward assurances!!!






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