Regrets, we all have them. Sometimes they are our fault, and other times they just happen, and we get caught in the situation. I'm not gonna lie. I often am moving forward like a bull in a china closet just trying to get out. Growing up I was the one who always got in trouble, got blamed or caught. I was mischievous to say the least. I was on my own most of the day because both my parents worked retail. It is a miracle that I survived, right? But, I did.

Something only one other person can attest to, and something I truly regret and have apologized for, is the stabbing of my friend with a broken blade pocket knife. I can still see the knife and the gash in his skin. Our parents were in the kitchen playing Yahtzee or dominoes. We were in the garage playing. Neither Skeeter or I can remember the conversation leading up to me jumping off the ladder with the knife in hand and his hand going up and the knife hitting his palm, but it happened.

I remember running to the bathroom to get something to clean it and close it up. In the rushing, our parents realized something was up.  To me, they saved Skeeter's life! I have always felt so bad about that incident. We tease about it now. Today I asked to see a picture.




We both agree that I was a good kid. I know I did not mean for this to happen. I'm not sure why I had my mother's weed digging knife in my hand playing with it, but I did so I take full blame. I'm forgiven. I learned my lesson. God is good because I have been able to apologize for what happened and Skeeterforgave me and my childhood friend and I can laugh about it now...well, he makes fun of me, and I sort of laugh. HA!






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