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Ramona Curry Roberts

Ramona was my mentor and friend, especially in the last twenty or so years of my life. I have known Ramona since my earliest days of remembrance of worshipping at First Baptist Church Plainview. She was a customer of my mother's, Lorena Etter Dayton, at the Dixie Shop. They were in the same Sunday School department. I have known her children my whole life. Her grandchildren and our children are friends. The link is deep, but her legacy is deeper. 

In 1st Corinthians 3:14 we read, If what has been built survives, the builder will receive a reward. Oh, yes! In everything she built, others were served. She has received her reward!!! She was classy, classic, determined, gracious, kind, and she loved God, her family, and her church.

From time to time Ramona would have Jana Cannon, her documentarist, send me a few stories. I always enjoyed Ramona's stories.

She was voted most beautiful, and you can see why. I want to share a little bit of Ramona with you today.




Ramona Faye Curry

Sub-Deb Club Presentation Dance

Hilton Hotel Ballroom – Plainview, Texas


My dress was a long white silk with red lips embroidered on the bodice.  This dress was advertised in Teenager magazine.  I bought it at Pierce’s in Plainview owned by my Aunt Jessie and Uncle Charlie Pierce.  When they went to market they bought clothes for me.  I had the newest and prettiest clothes. My bouquet was red miniature roses.  J. B. was my date.  Just look at my thick hair!  Just look at my thin waist!  But don’t look at my ugly fingernails!  I remember being conscious of my ugly nails at this moment.  I couldn’t hide them as I usually did.  I bit my nails all the time.  Daddy tried to get me to stop biting my nails.  I didn’t.  Daddy even told me he would buy me a diamond watch if I would stop biting my nails.  I didn’t!  This was another missed opportunity.

Ramona was on several lifetime missions. It was my honor to have our paths cross on several of them.





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