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The Holy spirit planted the thought of tears in my heart today. As we drove home from a weekend away, I had to snap these with my phone and going 75 mph, but they were breathtaking views.















I know that every tear that I have shed, and believe me when I say, there have been many shed in my life, have been known by my Father God. In Psalm 56:8, I read, You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book?

We know that Jesus wept, John 11:35. I don't know of anyone who hasn't shed tears, if not outwardly then in a million pieces inside.

But, let me ask a question. How often do we cry tears of joy from being overwhelmed by the Love of God, an answered prayer, or how about tears for the sunrise of a new day?

He deserves our tears of joy! He deserves our adoration!!!

Just so, I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents. Luke 15:10






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The Trooth


The trooth is this should be the way to spell trooth (truth), like tooth, just sayin'! 

The trooth is that I can tell myself every year that summer is my favorite time of year, but winter is the longing of my soul. Winter, when everything rests, reflects and readies for the resurrection.

I enjoy being home, staying inside and hibernating. I love the symphony God provides in the heavy snow as it plays off of the tree limbs as I walk through the Running Water Draw.

I'm a clothes layering up person to the point of attempting to go incognito.

Winter brings a grateful heart or at least the time to slow down and appreciate how blessed we truly are.

Sweatpants, fresh nippy air and the departure of mosquitoes and pesky flies keep me singing.

I love to read, read, read and although I read all year long, there is something about winter reading that screams cozied up!

Comfort foods that warm my insides and even the Hazlenut Breve tastes better on a cold, dreary day.

I'm not a fan of many things that are associated with winter, or fall, like pumpkin drinks, cocoa, spiced tea, building a snowman, socks, sledding, fires, Christmas trees, and most Christmas carols and after 63 years God has shown me that this is okay. It is okay to be the me that he can use, and none of these things are required to get to my Eternal home.

Leaves fall snow


If, as the Almanac says, the number of acorns that fall is any indication of the winter we will have, a hard one is on its way. 

Be prepared. I'm going the place of inward assurances!!!






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Ramona Curry Roberts

Ramona was my mentor and friend, especially in the last twenty or so years of my life. I have known Ramona since my earliest days of remembrance of worshipping at First Baptist Church Plainview. She was a customer of my mother's, Lorena Etter Dayton, at the Dixie Shop. They were in the same Sunday School department. I have known her children my whole life. Her grandchildren and our children are friends. The link is deep, but her legacy is deeper. 

In 1st Corinthians 3:14 we read, If what has been built survives, the builder will receive a reward. Oh, yes! In everything she built, others were served. She has received her reward!!! She was classy, classic, determined, gracious, kind, and she loved God, her family, and her church.

From time to time Ramona would have Jana Cannon, her documentarist, send me a few stories. I always enjoyed Ramona's stories.

She was voted most beautiful, and you can see why. I want to share a little bit of Ramona with you today.




Ramona Faye Curry

Sub-Deb Club Presentation Dance

Hilton Hotel Ballroom – Plainview, Texas


My dress was a long white silk with red lips embroidered on the bodice.  This dress was advertised in Teenager magazine.  I bought it at Pierce’s in Plainview owned by my Aunt Jessie and Uncle Charlie Pierce.  When they went to market they bought clothes for me.  I had the newest and prettiest clothes. My bouquet was red miniature roses.  J. B. was my date.  Just look at my thick hair!  Just look at my thin waist!  But don’t look at my ugly fingernails!  I remember being conscious of my ugly nails at this moment.  I couldn’t hide them as I usually did.  I bit my nails all the time.  Daddy tried to get me to stop biting my nails.  I didn’t.  Daddy even told me he would buy me a diamond watch if I would stop biting my nails.  I didn’t!  This was another missed opportunity.

Ramona was on several lifetime missions. It was my honor to have our paths cross on several of them.





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Proud Moment


I get great joy when I see one of Ushka's girls performing and learning through competition. Tonight, in Cotton Center, Jonci competed in the 4H Food Show competition. She made Cranberry bread. She had to talk about nutrition and ingredients in an interview type session. She entered in the breads & cereals category and won 1st Place. We are very proud of her!


Miss J's entry...



A bit nervous before going into the judge's room but proud of her entry!


In the judge's room...


Sweet Miss J-Bird ...


And, we got to see Amber Rosales win 1st Place, too! What a treat!!!


Proud moment!


Of course, Miss Bo-B had a great time! Always a fun time with her!!!


A proud momma photo bomb!


Aunt Beverly in her element. Miss Bo-B loves her Beverly & Bert!





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Simply put. He says it. I believe it!!!




Jesus said to him, “You have said so. But I tell you, from now on you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of Power and coming on the clouds of heaven.” Matthew 26:64






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Tea Party


I don't remember very much from my childhood, but I do remember my dad cutting the board into a circle and placing a screw through jar lids onto the board and then screwing the jars into the lids to make the short legs for the table. Then, my mother covered it and made it pretty for my tea party. We still have some of this tea set. Left to right: Vicky Cox, Debby Duncan, Phyllis Dayton, and Lisa Harder. I wish we had a picture of everyone!








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These girls are the twinkles to Ushka's wrinkles. In other words, they keep me young!!!

These two are listening to Miss D's namesake, Bob Dylan. I hope they have a blast!



I met up with this one at our Fall Festival today.



And this wee one stayed home with her Papa Bear.






Fresh Find: A nice Blenko purple pumpkin!


Wind Song


In the late 1960s, I was introduced to Prince Matchabelli Wind Song. I always wondered if the prince was real. For my Who Knew? Friends, he was!

Prince Matchabelli is a perfume line. It was first designed by Prince Georges V. Matchabelli who was an amateur chemist. Georges Matchabelli was a Georgian prince and Georgian ambassador to Italy, but fled the Soviet Union and emigrated to the United States after the Russian Revolution. In New York City he and his wife, Princess Norina Matchabelli (an actress whose stage name was Maria Carmi), opened a small antique shop, Le Rouge et le Noir, at 545 Madison Avenue. The name came from Stendhal's novel of that name, which they interpreted as the red for the aristocracy for him and black for the religious (The Miracle, a famous religious play in which Norina had starred). (Stendhal's interpretation of the names was somewhat different: the only two choices open to his hero, Julien Sorel, a poor man for career glory and advancement—red for military and black for clergy.) They later established the Prince Matchabelli Perfume Company in 1926. Perfumes were personally blended for clients by Prince Matchabelli. The first three perfumes were Princess Norina, Queen of Georgia and Ave Maria. The company became known for the many color-coded, crown-shaped bottles designed by Norina after the Matchabelli crown and introduced in 1928 with labels on the underside.
One of the Prince Matchabelli perfumes is Windsong. The commercial claims that Wind Song stays on your mind. It became the one perfume that I could wear and have worn for about fifty years. I have a fragrance sensitivity and there may possibly be other fragrances I could wear but through the years I have not found one that did not make me physically ill except for my faithful Wind Song.
First introduced by Prince Matchabelli in 1953, Wind Song perfume has a complex but balanced construction that brings together florals with fruity, green middle notes. The scent finishes with hints of musk and amber.
The wind song is one of my favorite symphonies. When there is a wind, I enjoy going into it where it is quite all around except for the wind and listen; listen to the colours of the wind that God allows for anyone who will.



Let's focus on God's wind song!!!





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One More?


I am working on probably my last published book. All three have been self published and used only for gifts. I have not listed them for sale to the public.


S - Copy


S - Copy


S - Copy


The problem is that every time I think I'm done, God gives me more! One more?


This one will be titled, Ushka-isms. It will be full of photographs and wise words that God has blessed me through.







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The Mixer





There is a parable of three brick masons. A passerby stops and asks the first one, "What are you doing?" He replies, "I'm laying brick." He goes to the next brick mason and asks, "What are you doing?" The second brick mason replies, "I'm making a wall." Then he goes to the third brick mason and asks, "What are you doing?" To which the third brick mason says, " I'm creating a masterpiece."

The first brick mason represents the person just getting by doing what they are expected to do, but no more. The second person represents one who has the attitude and drives to give more than is asked. The third brick mason gets the vision!

When creating a team, it is important that we look at what each person is willing to give before placing them in the mixer.





Fresh Find: I love playing with this art program. I have never used it with the 'eyes to see' art, but I should try it.

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