Junior High


This evening a '73 classmate and friend, Belinda, was looking up someone in our junior high annual.  She was talking about what others had written in hers. It got me to thinking. I was never asked to sign anyone's annual. I remember that. I'm sure I signed a few because I happened to be there. If you find that I signed your annual, you should be excited!!! It would sell on eBay for big bucks!!! Oddly enough, I have a few notes in my Estacado junior high annuals. I got them out to refresh my memory. Here are a few...

To a great friend. Stay the way you are. Good luck in everything.

To Phyllis, you're a real nut.

To Phyllis, You're one of my best friends, and I like you a lot. Good luck with the following years.

Phyllis, To one of the sweetest and cutest girls I know. Good luck always.

Phyllis, You are awfully nice and cute to be so short. I'm sure you will go far.

To Phyllis, a real nice short girl a little shorter than me.

To a very sweet girl.

Phyllis, you're sweet sometimes.

To Phyllis Diller, You are the nicest short girl.

Shortest nicest girl.

Phyllis, You are one of the neatest girls I know.

To a very pretty red-head and a good friend. Hope you always have good luck.

Phyllis, You're one of the sweetest girls I know, but you know I don't know very many girls. You understand? You've been real neat, and I've had a lot of fun knowing you these last few years. Now, I'm just taking up space. Ha! I always miss your sweet smile and your cute smile. Don't change ever or you'll never get those blue jeans, and I mean it! Stay the same, and you'll get them eventually. All my love.

Phyllis, You're a very sweet girl, and I hope we will be friends for years to come.

To a girl I hope to see next year at P.H.S.

Shorty, Stay little. Keep that smile and wonderful personality, and you'll go a long way in life.

Phyll (is)  Keep that darling sense of humor and great personality, and you'll go far. You already have.

To a good ole pal that I've had a lot of fun with.

Phyllis, You are a very cute girl. You just wouldn't look right without red hair.

Phyllis, It's been a great pleasure knowing you this year. I hope we always have a great friendship.

To the cutest girl who ever walked the earth. Stanley S. Nosepicker

To a really good friend. Best of luck in China.

To a dadgum goofy little girl who is cute and nice and has a good personality. Just stay the same.

Phyllis, It's been fun knowing you. Thanks for the pencils in math.

Phyllis, To the sweetest and longest friend. It's been great knowing you these past nine years. Boy, that's a long time, but I enjoy it with you. I hope we never move away from each other. Remember our fights? (Oh boy) You're a great little girl. Love ya a bunch.


I did not realize that my being short was such a conversation starter. I was 5' 3," but I only weighed maybe 85 pounds in junior high. Reading the words others wrote reminds me that I have pretty much stayed the same person since I was six and asked Jesus into my heart. Oh goodness yes, I have fallen short in some decisions I have made, and I'm sure that I still will, but always in my heart has been Jesus to guide me.

It may sound like I had great friends and I think I really did have a fun school experience with those I was around, but once the school day was done, I was pretty much done. I thrived in my bedroom with my door closed to recharge. I never felt like I fit in but it was who I was, and no one else's fault. I loved everyone. I loved life. I just preferred to live it according to Phyllis. It has worked well for me. God is gracious unto me. Amen


I have remembered that annual writings are seriously superficial. I mean, look at these pictures! Cute? Pretty? Hahaha! I do wish I had that shift in the first picture but that bow in the second one is about as big as I was!!!













Fresh Find: I like the look of this earphones stand. Nice.