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Proud Moments


There are many moments in my life that I am proud of. I am humbled by and thankful that I have been given the opportunity to volunteer as I enjoy living in Plainview. The Centennial Circle of Honor is one of these proud moments. In 2007-2008, the City of Plainview recognized its rich history of our community and a few of those who made a difference. 

Centennial Circle of Honor

Honoring Plainview's Leaders of the Past 100 Years
Inspiring Leaders of the Next 100 Years

The City of Plainview was incorporated in 1907 and celebrated its centennial in 2007.  It is the vision of the people throughout the years that inspired the Centennial Circle of Honor project.  The purpose of this centennial year project has been to leave a legacy of hard work and dedication for future generations that honors our friends, loved ones and business associates who have made a positive impact on the City of Plainview.  The Centennial Circle honorees are but a representation of the many individuals who have given of themselves to this progressive community known as Plainview, Texas.


My in-laws, Peggy & TC Wall were recognized. This is one of the most precious pictures. They were humbled. 

TC Peggy CCoH 2008


My grandparents, Lucy & Hugh Etter, were recognized, as well.

Hugh and Lucy Etter CCoH 2008


You can read the Bios of those honored here: Centennial Circle of Honor

There are too many people through time who have given so much to make our community what it is today. We honor them all and thank them!





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