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The Dixie Shop


If my mother waited on you, your mother, or your grandmother at the Dixie Shop, I want to hear your stories. Maybe you don't remember if my mother waited on your mother or grandmother, still share your Dixie Shop story.


Maybe she purchased a hat?


Or maybe a beautiful dress and a scarf?



I have very fond memories of the Dixie Shop. Although, I was not allowed to mix with the clientele and could not disturb my mother as she pinned to custom fit every garment she sold. She would spend hours with each of her customers. My mother loved retail. She loved her customers. She always wanted the absolute best for them as they stepped out into society. I never heard her utter an ugly word about one of her customers. I'm sure some were more difficult to work with, but she loved the challenge. 





Fresh Find: A super fun backpack bag!