Phone Call


There are phone calls you don't want to receive in life, I've had my share, but today in the Covenant Health Foundation meeting that I was presiding over, my phone vibrated. I had it out for the clock and saw the name come through. I excused myself for a minute because I knew it would be important. 

A little girl who is shy and very giving and kind who just finished third grade and is going into fourth grade stepped outside of her comfort zone and tried out for the school choir. When I answered the call, I could feel her excitement even though we were distanced by many miles. There is honestly nothing that brings me more joy than our children or their children being happy. Miss A was on cloud twenty-nine! Not everyone made it, and she knew there was a possibility she might not. She has no training, but she has really improved this year musically.

To hear her tell me all about making the choir, who else she knew that made it and she can't wait for fourth grade to be in the choir, well, that made me smile big!

Congratulations to this sweet girl!!! I'm so blessed that I got to talk to her and hear her news!!!


Adelyn 2017-2018 School Picture






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