As I was sitting still and listening to the Holy Spirit today, I had this thought. 

I take pictures. I watermark them 'eyes to see'. God gave me my eyes to see, and even though I do not see clearly, God allows me to embrace his creation, his color, his beauty all around me every day.

I am a picture taker. I guess you could say I have a picture sharing ministry. It might be considered obsessive or compulsive to most, to me it is how I see life where I am.

I do not know how to use a camera, thus the reason I call myself a picture taker. I'm not a photographer. I'm a picture taker sharing what God allows my eyes to see.

It is a spiritual journey for me. I listen and seek what it is that he wants me to see. Remember, I don't see clearly and I am amazed at all he shows me.

I was thinking, most people use their phones to view the pictures, and I wonder how much they are missing by looking at the beauty so small. I prefer to view them on my monitor because I get to see the detail.

I wonder, too, if we look at our spiritual journey on such a small scale when we could view it in a much larger way. What are we missing? The depth of the blessing for sure.




Have a beautiful holiday weekend. Take some time to commune with God's nature. Sit still. Look at the picture in a big way. See the details. If you think about it, take a picture, share it and tell us how it blessed you!




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