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Is Genesis History?


I happened upon the documentary, Is Genesis History? today. It was so very interesting and thought provoking. I certainly recommend you watch it.




I also watched the movie, Lion. I had wanted to see it for some time. It was a very hard movie for me to watch. Lots of pain and that hurts. A happy ending though!


In July 1994, I was called on a mission trip to the Ukraine. I celebrated my birthday there that year. The people were so kind, and I still cherish the gifts they gave me. I was overwhelmed, to say the least. Nadia, our interpreter, gave me two hand-painted spoons, a decorative pin, and I was given a couple of lacquered boxes and a lovely trivet from others on the team. While sharing in a home, the family took down their hand-cut circles made from wood room divider and presented it to me. Misha, on the left, was our driver.




He gave me this toy...



I hold dear all of the heart gifts they gave me that day. Special people. I stay in touch with a few still. We have several Pysanky eggs and nesting doll sets, too. Oh, and an amazing blue cobalt tea set. Wonderful memories!




Fresh Find: I like this Ukranian Petrykivka comb.